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Precious metals (gold, silver)


Precious metals such as gold and silver along with copper used by humanity from ancient times. They were the first means of payment and still are very valuable and liquid market products.    

For UMMC gold and silver are by-products for non-ferrous metals production and recovered with copper and zinc into concentrates during the processing of mined ore. Precious metals recovery and treatment allow reducing production costs of copper and zinc.

As coal business, production of gold and silver also helps UMMC to diversify its economic risks.    

Main Precious Metals Assets 

Mining Division

  • Gaiskiy GOK

  • Uchalinskiy GOK

  • Bashkirskaya Med

  • Svyatogor (Krasnouralsk Concentrator)

Metallurgical division

  • Uralelektromed Copper Refinery