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Coal was the main source of energy for Industrial revolution and today it still plays important role in world energy balance providing 29% of world primary energy use. For developing countries such as China or India, coal is a vital part of their energy system.

There are two main types of coal:

Steam coal (thermal coal) – common fuel for electricity generation;

Coking coal (metallurgical coal) – unsubstituted fuel for primary crude steel production.

70-80% of mined and seaborne traded coal is thermal.

UMMC coal deposits are part of Kuznetsk coal basin (Kemerovo region), which provides over 65% of Russian coal production. 90% of UMMC coal production is open-pit. UMMC produces high-caloric, low-ash coal that has lower environmental impact.

Coal business is a strategic activity that ensures risk diversification for UMMC.        

Main Coal Assets:

  • Kuzbassrazrezugol (KRU)

  • KRU coal mine facilities    

  • Kedrovsky coal field

  • Mokhovsky coal field

  • Bachatsky coal field

  • Krasnobrodsky coal field

  • Taldinsky coal field

  • Kaltansky coal field