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The underground mine of Gaisky GOK hits a high of 8.3Mt of mined ore

The underground mine of Gaisky GOK hits a high of 8.3Mt of mined ore

In late 2020, production at the underground mine of PJSC “Gaisky GOK” was marked with a new record high (an enterprise of UMMC commodity complex). Shortly before 2021, the mine produced 8.3Mt of ore with the performance target of 8.215Mt. Annual output has surpassed that of 2018 by 300kt.

This achievement can assuredly be attributed to the team of each underground mine division, engineers, geological surveying and production specialists that were managing operations wisely and solving organization challenges. Among those who made a major asset to the highs are shaftmen, drill runners, LHD operators, truck drivers, hoist operators and shot firers. These people are directly involved in mining and ore haulage operations.  

“It has become a good tradition for the company personnel to celebrate the New Year by new achievements over the past year”, stated Gennadiy Stavsly, Director of the Company. “I would like to thank the staff of the workshop for excellent and faithful work and expertise. We have even more ambitious targets for the coming year, as in 2021 the Underground Mine is to increase the ore output up to 9Mt."

According to the management of GGOK, such production success is the merit of the entire team of the company including each workshop and department. Furthermore, the continuous reconstruction and modernization of the production contribute to the increase in the facilities capacity.

It should be reminded that the reconstruction of the underground mine in accordance with the UMMC strategic project “Opening and Development of Deep Horizons on the Floor of 830 – 1, 310 meters” has been carried out by Gaisky GOK since 2006. Under this project, a large-scale reconstruction of the “Expluatatsionnaya” mine was performed last year with the deepening of the shaft and replacement of the hoisting machine. The main ventilation unit of the new mine shaft “Severnaya Ventilatsionnaya 2” provides ventilation of the horizons located below the 1, 000 meters mark. Along with the deepening of shafts and construction of new ones, excavation works are also underway. Moreover, crushing and conveyor facilities, crushing and batching ones, and dozens of other underground facilities are being built under the project. In the future, the project implementation will make it possible to increase the underground mine capacity up to 9Mt of ore.