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In 2018 UMMC will invest about 3,5 bln.RUB in capital construction of Gaisky GOK

In 2018 UMMC will invest about 3,5 bln.RUB in capital construction of Gaisky GOK

Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company will invest about 3,5 bln.RUB in development of PJSC “Gaisky GOK (a part of UMMC commodity-based complex), which exceeds equivalent figures for 2017 by 1 bln. (34%).

Over half the investment budget, about 2,25 bln.RUB, is planned to be channeled into implementing a project “Underground mine development” on the level of 830-1310 m.

“The project includes a wide range of works to be done: stope sinking, bolting and fitting as well as construction of new crushing and conveying systems, stockyards. A winder will be arranged between levels 990-1070-1150 m for transporting people. We will proceed with developing the workers’ and haulage equipment positioning system in a shaft that allows a mine operator to keep track of workers and equipment under the ground online due to special technical equipment”, said Yuriy Dolmatov, Deputy Director of Gaisky GOK for Capital Construction.

About 250 mln.RUB will be invested in technical re-equipment of concentrator, in particular, in replacement and installation of new floatation and pump equipment, ventilation plants and new filter presses.

Most money allocated to open-pit mine development will be invested in capital mining operations of new gold ore deposit “Belozerksoye” located in Kvarkensky district of Orenburgskaya oblast.

In the long term, a step-by-step implementation of strategic development programme of PJSC “Gaisky GOK” will allow boosting underground mine performance up to 9 mln. tons of ore per annum and concentrator performance up to 10 mln. tons per annum. Totally, in 2018 PJSC “Gaisky GOK” is going to mine 9,2 mln. tons of ore by means of underground and opencast mining.