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“Elektrokabel “Kolchuginsky Plant” mastered the production of silicone rubber insulated cables

“Elektrokabel “Kolchuginsky Plant” mastered the production of silicone rubber insulated cables

Kolchugino (Vladimirskaya oblast)

JSC “Elektrokabel “Kolchuginsky Plant” (included in “Cable Alliance Holding”, integrating UMMC cable assets) mastered the production of silicone rubber insulated control cables NIKI.

Unique properties of this innovative material ensures cables’ high fire-resistance designed for broadcasting signals from sensors to control equipment and for remote control of different machinery.

Under flame silicone rubber turns into protective ceramic coat that prevents conductors from contacting each other, thus avoids the risk of short circuit. In case of fire, such product will operate for 3 hours at least and maintain the emergency-rescue and other systems.

In addition, when burning, silicone rubber insulated cables do not emit toxic substances, which cause equipment corrosion and have harmful impact on humans’ health.

“We produce the innovative material in plant No.2 with use of one-of-a kind formula. It ends up with its vulcanization, i.e cross-linking of rubber mix on the macromolecule level, which results in strong bonds. They make insulating material resistant to high temperatures”, explained Vyacheslav Yuriev, Deputy Chief Process Engineer of JSC “Elektrokabel”.

Other advantages of new control cables NIKI are their low weight and diameter as well as their increased flexibility. It significantly lessens their assembly even under confined conditions.

New products will be primarily required in power industry, nuclear, oil processing and shipbuilding industries.

“Elektrokabel” is currently producing up to 3mln. structures of control cables NIKI.