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“Elektrokabel “Kolchuginsky Plant” has been highly commended by United Shipbuilding Corporation

“Elektrokabel “Kolchuginsky Plant” has been highly commended by United Shipbuilding Corporation

United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) has audited “Elektrokabel” (“Elektrokabel “Kolchuginsky Plant”, an enterprise of “Cable Alliance Holding”, integrating UMMC cable assets).

USC specialists examined the Plant’s production, process and design capabilities. They took interest in whether cable products output, quality management system and working methods in HRM complies with the corporation’s requirements for suppliers.

The audit resulted in “Elektrokabel” listed as having the highest category “A”, which means that the Plant is recognized as low-risk.

The Plant supplies ship cables started to be produced in Kolchugino more than 20 years ago to USC. Recently, ethylene propylene rubber-insulated cables, HF-sheathed and fire-resistant cables have been focused on. These cables are fire-resistant (no flame spread) and in case of fire do not emit substances hazardous to human and equipment.

“We are now working on developing new ship cable structures with use of innovative materials. It will enable to widen a range of products and to cover the demands of shipbuilding industry to the full extent”, pointed out Vladimir Ivanov, Director of JSC “Elektrokabel”.

Kolchuginsky plant produced over 1,500 km of ship cables over eight months in 2017. Some of them will be used in building, upgrading and repairing ships for the Navy. The Plant is currently involved in upgrading the heavy nuclear-powered battlecruiser, “Admiral Nakhimov”, e.g. it is planned to replace about 3, 000 km of cables.