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A new extrusion line of 750ths. EURO was put into operation at “Uralkabel”

A new extrusion line of 750ths. EURO was put into operation at “Uralkabel”


An Italian extrusion line amounting to about 750ths.EURO was put into operation at “Uralkabel” (an enterprise of “Cable Alliance Holding”, integrating UMMC cable assets).

This new equipment is designed for insulating and sheathing a conductor. Its capacity is 10 times more than the former extrusion line, which is for now dismantled.

“The performance of the new Italian line from Frigeco is up to 800 meters per minute (compared to the former one, where it did not exceed 100 meters per minute). In addition, we are now able to insulate conductors with a section 0.35 to 16 mm2. Before it was limited by 0.75 – 6 mm2”, stated Olga Ivanova, Chief Process Engineer of JSC “Uralkabel”.

The former extrusion machine could process three material types, but the new machine – twice as many ones. For instance, it could insulate and sheath with advanced materials such as XPLE and HF compound, which enhance cable performance and allow it to withstand high temperatures and ensure low toxicity under fire. HF cables are used in social institutions and places of mass gatherings, e.g on the subway.

“New equipment will allow us to improve our products’ quality and to increase cables’ output 5-6 times, it is used for power transmission, machinery operation as well as for thermocouple wires in aerotechnics”, said Alexey Zhuzhin, Director of JSC “Uralkabel”.