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Scientific basis



86 years of scientific research and designing activity.
1,489 projects and industrial infrastructure facilities in Russia, Europe and Asia.
10,257 research works and process regulations.
2,001,549 units of engineering archives.
270 highly qualified designers.
100 scientists dealing with enrichment, mining engineers, chemists, metallurgists.
145 units of modern lab and analytical equipment used for scientific research of complete process cycle.
240 efficient techniques, process regulations for mining and processing concept and also for sintering and metallurgy.
1,000 scientific methods of mineral composition study, allotments survey, safety mining operations and preparation of raw material for smelting and further processing.



JSC «Uralmekhanobr» was established in 1929. For almost 90 years it remains as one of the Russia’s leading research institutes that deals with project design work for the needs and purposes of mining, metallurgical, electrochemical and sulfuric acid plants.

At present JSC “Uralmekhanobr” has projects in 23 Federal subjects of Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Islamic Republic of Iran. It also has an established scientific cooperation with companies from

14 countries. For example: Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, China, Canada, Chile, Bulgaria, and Australia. From 2008 to 2014 Uralmekhanobr played an essential part in developing the production capacity and raw material resources base in Armenia, Uzbekistan, South Korea, Belgium, Angola.

JSC «Uralmekhanobr» possesses highly qualified personnel of scientists and design engineers. Currently the institute employs 1 Doctor of Engineering, 25 PhD’s and 15 postgraduates. The number of employees totals 400.

JSC «Uralmekhanobr» is a partner of self-regulated non-profit partnership Designers of Sverdlovskaya oblast. The institute is registered in the enterprise register of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia (CCI of Russia), which means that the financial state of the enlisted companies proves its reliability as partners for entrepreneurship in Russia and overseas.

“TUV NORD” approved the quality management system certificate ISO 9001:2008 issued to JSC “Uralmekhanobr”.

In 2014 the institute won a CCI of Russia’s national entrepreneurship award “Gold Mercury” in the nomination “Thenbest service sector exporter”. The establishment has one of the most up-to-date research and lab equipment stock in Russia and CIS. Currently it accounts for 150 units of foreign and domestic equipment.

Main activities of URALMEKHANOBR

• Concurrent engineering of building and construction for mining, concentrating, metallurgical enterprises, electrochemical and sulfuric acid plants.

 • Complex engineering services on all the stages of investment project: conceptual engineering, basic engineering, detailed engineering, supervision, commissioning and reaching the design parameters.

• Development of technologies and process regulations in the field of mining, concentration of mineral resourses, secondary materials and wastes, and preparation of feed material for smelting process.

• Analytical control and studying of minerals composition (integrated study of raw material composition, chemical analysis, creation of reference samples, etc.).

• Standardizing (development of national and interstate standards and technical specifications for non-ferrous metallurgy, the support of technical committee “Copper - 368“, participation in activity of technical committees of ISO 26 “Copper and copper alloys“, ISO 183 “Copper, zinc and nickel ore and concentrates“).



NIKI is the only scientific and technological center of cable industry in Siberia. Modern pilot facilities with unique plants simulating operating conditions allow performing research works and certification tests of cable and cable materials to meet Russian and international standards, and also designing and manufacturing cable products.