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Metal working


UMMC-NFMP was incorporated in UMMC-Holding Corp. in May 2007.  UMMC-NFMP is a parent company for a number of leading non-ferrous metals processing enterprises: JSC «Kirov Non-ferrous Metals Processing Plant » (Kirov, Kirov region), CJSC «Kolchugino Non-ferrous Metals Processing Plant» (Kolchugino, Vladimir region) and JSC «Revda Non-ferrous Metals Processing Works» (Revda, Sverdlovsk region).

Together with the products of these enterprises the company sells the rolled products of CJSC «Copper Tubes Plant» (Serbia, Maidanpek) and since 2015 it has distributed products of Gindre Group (France) manufacturing copper conductors for electrical equipment and components.

The enterprises of UMMC-NFMP produce virtually all assortments of copper, brass, bronze, copper-nickel and nickel rolled products: tubes including copper tubes for water supply, heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, rods, sheets, bands, plates, strips, foil, bus bars, wire etc.

By including production capacity of Gindre Group the company expanded the range of products for electrical engineering. It distributes copper bended bus bars, flexible insulated bus bars (Maxiflex), technical profiles and components.

Consumers of the products manufactured by the company are referred to machine building industry, automotive industry, ship building and aircraft building industry, electrical engineering, instruments engineering, etc.

At present enterprises of UMMC-NFMP are equipped with the facilities to manufacture over 80 thousand products and 95 alloy brands in compliance with the requirements of European standards. It ensures the company’s leading position on the Russian market of copper and copper alloy rolled products.

Besides, UMMC-NFMP manufactures a wide range of consumer goods. The first tea glass holders made of nickel silver, copper, brass and silver were produced by Kolchugino Non-ferrous Metals Processing Plant and today the plant manufactures silver cutlery, copper tableware, and even bath articles.

UMMC-NFMP occupies a significant position in the structure of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company being ranked the first among the manufacturers and suppliers of metal products. At present it is a cluster of stable dynamically growing companies with confidence in the future.