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Coal industry

coal.jpgUMMC incorporates the second largest Russia's coal company – Kuzbassrarezugol (KRU). In terms of production KRU takes the first place in the Kuzbass  (~ 25% of total coal production) and the second place in Russia (~ 13% of total coal production). Almost all coal is mined at open-pits.

KRU consists of 6 branches located in Kemerovo region - Kedrovskiy, Mokhov, Bachatskiy, Krasnobrodskiy, Taldinskiy and Kaltanskiy coal mines. KRU also includes a single underground site - mine "Baykaimskaya".

 Company reserves exceed 2.5 billion tons of coal. KRU develops 16 coal deposits and annually produces 43-45 million tons of thermal and coking coal with the goal to increase production up to 50 million tons by 2020.

 Almost 90% of coal processed at beneficiation plants. This provides high-quality characteristics of the thermal and coking coal.

High quality of coal allows company to provide stable export shipments. Today export share of production is about 67%.

For many years, Kuzbassrazrezugol implements a program of technical modernization and constant renewal of capital assets. Modernization makes it possible to continuously improve coal quality, safety and working conditions.

KRU’s machinery park consists of more than 1,600 units, including more than 260 excavators, more than 530 trucks with the capacity from 45 to 360 tons.​