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Cable industry


The UMMC assets in the sphere of cable and wire manufacturing are focused within a separate management company – “Cable Alliance Holding” Corporation. Cable Alliance was established in 2011; the companies incorporated are JSC “Elektrokabel” Kolchuginskiy plant” (Kolchugino, Vladimir region), JSC “Sibkabel” (Tomsk), JSC “Uralkabel” (Ekaterinburg) and Research and Development, Design and Technology Institute (NIKI, Tomsk).

The company creates new production standards of cabling and wiring products due to a wide range, development of hot products and excellent service. The companies of Cable Alliance are certified under GOST ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015). The total range of products of the company exceeds 150, 000 of label sizes (over 40 groups). Today “Cable Alliance Holding” sells its products under the following brands developed by the employees of the company:  HoldMine, HoldСаb, etc.

The manufacturers are located in the major economic zones of the country (Central region, the Urals and Siberia), and together with the storage facilities in more than 10 Russian cities comprise a large-scale logistics network. This allows the company not only to keep a significant inventory of products freely available, but also to supply in a short time, reducing transport costs.

Today the companies of the Cable Alliance Holding area implementing the system of lean manufacturing. It aims to eliminate all kinds of losses – operating, property, time, etc., and at optimizing the business processes of the company: starting from development and design of product, to its manufacturing and finishing with interaction and communication with suppliers and clients.

JSC “Elektrokabel” Kolchuginskiy plant” is one of the largest cable and metal mesh manufacturers in Russia. Nowadays it is an enterprise range of products which includes more than 65, 000 label sizes of cables and wires. The Elektrokabel's products are much-in-demand in various industries: energy, telecommunications, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, oil and gas sector, etc. 

Main groups of products: low-, medium-, and high-voltage power cables, fiber cables, control cables, wires and cables for rolling stock, signal and blocking, mounting wires and cables. The Plant also manufactures woven wire mesh made of non-ferrous metals, alloys and stainless steel and diamond tools. Cables with increased fire safety including for ship-building industry take a special place among the products manufactured by the Plant.

JSC “Uralkabel” was established in 1941 and located in Ekaterinburg. Plants’ production area is 60, 000 m2.

Currently, a range of products amounts to over 20 groups of cable articles and 14, 000 label sizes. The Company focuses on manufacturing cables for electric oil pumps, automotive wires, aircraft wires and cables, winding wires of different types of insulation, thermocouple wires and cables. The Company successfully deals with technical re-equipment, modernization, implementation of new technologies and new types of articles.

JSC “Sibkabel” is the leading Russian cable company manufacturing a wide range of products for electrical use. It was established in Tomsk, in 1941, on the basis of “Moskvakabel” and “Elektroprovod” industrial plants evacuated from Moscow.

A range of products amounts to over 60 cable grades and wires (over 20, 000 label sizes). Main groups are power cable of up to 1kV, control, telephone and power flexible cables, winding and enameled wires, cables for electric submersible pumps. Railway and oil companies, mining, power and building companies are customers of cable and wiring products manufactured by JSC “Sibkabel”.

Research and Development, Design and Technology Institute (NIKI, Tomsk) is of particular significance among other companies of “Cable Alliance Holing” Corp. It develops new cables and wires and conducts certification tests for compliance with the Russian and international standards.